Aquarium Fish Food

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Are you looking for good quality fish food to keep your fish alive and healthy? High quality fish food is not only useful for maintaining the health of your fish, but it also ensures that your fish tank remains clean and its water clear. Just like human beings and other animals, fish need a variety of food to get all the minerals and nutrients they need to thrive.

Aquarium Fish Food

To know which food is best for your aquarium fish, you need to consider the food’s nutritional value, its ingredients, how fast the fish consume it, and how fast it makes the water in the aquarium dirty. At New Life Keysborough, we have all kinds of dry, frozen, and live fish food for different fish species.

Live Fish Food

Live fish food consists of living organisms such as worms that fish usually feed on. We have live microworms and blackworms that you can put in your aquarium for high nutritional value for your fish. You can get our culture of Harpacticoid copepods to increase your copepod population or feed them directly to some fish species, such as coral gobies and mandarins. If you have clownfish, rotifers are ideal, and you can also use them to feed corals and

other aquarium fish. Our live phytoplankton is excellent for feeding rotifer culture or your aquarium. You only need a small amount per day, and you can store it for up to one month inside your refrigerator

Frozen Fish Food

Frozen fish food is convenient because you can purchase it in large batches and keep it in your freezer for a long time instead of going back to make a fresh purchase every other week or month. At New Life Keysborough, we have a vast range of frozen fish food from different top brands for different species of fish. We have frozen bloodworms and highly nutritious brine shrimp, with garlic and spirulina, for extra nutrition and flavour.

We have special foods for turtles that come in cubes to make them easy to consume. This food mimics the real food you find in the ocean for maximum benefits, and it comes in veggie and non-veggie options. We also have live foods you can place in your freezer and get them out as you need them, including frozen bloodworms, black mosquitoes, and white mosquito algae.

Our marine mixes come in different nutrient combinations to suit different varieties of fish. Our marine fish eggs are rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA, ARA, and EPA. They have a membrane covering that prevents leaching from ensuring your water remains uncontaminated and clear.

Dry Food

Dry food is an important addition to your fish foods. We have a variety of dry foods that you can add to your aquarium for healthier, stronger, and happier fish. Our range of dry foods includes bloodworm, brine shrimp egg capsules, discus pellets, insectivore granules, and algae wafers, among others.

Why Choose Us?

At New Life Keysnborough, we carefully select the most superior quality foods from top brands all over the world. Our team consists of highly trained professionals who will help you pick the best food for your fish and always offer support when you need it.

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