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Aquariums in Australia

Are you a fish lover looking for fish tanks for sale in Australia? Aquariums come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and designs to suit the different needs of different people. At New Life Keysborough, we supply the best-quality aquarium tanks in NSW and Victoria and distribute them all over Australia. We have a vast range of fish tanks for sale in Australia, from small-sized bowls to large and customised tanks, whatever fits your space best.

Fish Tanks for Sale

At New Life Keys, aquariums are literally our business. Our wide variety of designs lets you accommodate as many or as few fish as you would fancy.

Bioscape Tropic Aquarium Range

If you love a fancy design and eye-pleasing aesthetics, you can purchase our signature bioscape half-moon aquarium. This aquarium tank has a top cover, LED light unit, 25-watt heater, and a waterfall filter with a cartridge. You can also purchase the bioscape accessories separately if you already have an existing fish aquarium in your house. We sell a high-quality bioscope aquarium heater to help you maintain the perfect temperature for your aquarium. We also sell magnet cleaners to help your cleaning to become easier and air pumps for quality air circulation.

We also have the bioscape curve nano aquarium in colour black, and its dimensions are 50 by 36 by 36 centimetres. It is flat-faced on the back and sides and has a curved front face to give it a sophisticated modern look and feel. This fish tank comes with a beautiful LED light and a top lid to preserve your fish.

If you have limited space, you can select from our range of small aquariums. We have the bioscape nano moss terrarium that comes in a variety of shapes, ranging from rounded and cylinder to square. We also have the cloud terrarium range in sizes tall small (20 * 20 * 35cm), tall (30 * 30 * 45cm), and wide (30 * 18 * 15cm).

Betta Fish Tanks

Are you looking for an aquarium tank specifically for keeping Betta fish? Worry no more, because we have exactly what you need. Our betta fish tank range is an elegant and stylish option that we have specially built for Betta fish to keep them healthy for a long time. The Betta fish, also known as the Siamese fighting fish, are famous for being territorial and always fighting if you place them in confined spaces. Our betta condo design comes in single, trio, and duo options to enable you to keep up to three fish in the same fish tank. You also get a water conditioner, heater, ornament plants, decorative gravel, and filter with the trio kit. The Betta fish tank has a compact size, and you can conveniently place it on top of your office desk.

Why Choose New Life Keysborough?

At New Life Keysborough, we bring you nothing short of the best quality aquariums with high-end technology so you can keep your fish safe for a long time while displaying their beauty in our beautiful and modern designs. Our team comprises industry experts who will help you pick the right fish tank online and give the best advice on how to maintain it.

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