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Aquarium Air Stone

A fish tank bubbler is one of the most important accessories in an aquarium. It serves the grave purpose of ensuring there is a consistent supply of dissolved oxygen inside the fish tank. At New Life Keysborough, our goal is to ensure your pet fish is having the time of their lives by supplying you with all the aquarium accessories you need.

With our combined experience, we pride ourselves on the expert knowledge we have about aquariums and guarantee you the best when it comes to taking care of your pet fish.

Air Stone for Fish Tank

Airstones are made up of lime wood or porous stones, ensuring efficient gas exchange in the aquarium. Our expert team works around the clock to see to it that our customers have the best accessories to survive their fish. Moreover, we are also dedicated to educating the general public on the importance of having your fish tank fitted with accessories.

Some of the benefits of having an air stone for your fish tank include the following:

· It helps in better filtration

· It aids in gas exchange

· It helps the fish get more physical activity which is important in the growth of muscles

At New Life Keysborough, you are guaranteed to get value for your money as our products are durable, and they get the work done as required.

Bubbler in Aquarium

They play a crucial role in the lifespan of a fish by contributing to the oxygen levels in the aquarium. The bubbler's effectiveness depends on the strength of the air pump connected to it. This is why you need to have your fish tank fitted with quality bubblers from New Life Keysborough.

Our top-notch bubblers serve you for the longest time and come fitted with powerful air pumps able to push air all the way to the surface of the bubbler. We endeavour to supply our customers with bubblers that will make their fish comfortable within their habitat.

Fish Tank Bubbler

Like you and me, fish need to breathe, too, and a fish tank bubbler ensures enough dissolved oxygen in the aquarium. The aquarium bubbler should be turned on for a stipulated amount of time, enough to supply the required amount of oxygen.

Our bubblers are available in different varieties and come in different shapes depending on the customer's taste. We've covered you whether you are looking for a basic-looking one or a sophisticated air stone. Moreover, we

constantly update our collection so that our customer's needs and wants are met without compromise.

If you are considering getting an air stone bubbler for your aquarium, consult with us today and have your order placed. Being one of the biggest aquarium shops in Melbourne, we are keen on maximising our potential so that we do not lose touch with what makes our esteemed clients delighted.

Why Choose Us?

At New Life Keysborough, we work hand in hand with our clients to make the final results from the bubbler aquarium installation process as seamless as possible. We not only sell the air stone but also ensure the installations are done up to standard.

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