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Are you planning to transform your backyard space with a unique fish pond? New Life Keysboroughis here to hold your hand and walk with you to ensure you get the best pond-kit for your space.

We offer a variety of pond-kit designs that contains all the items required to put up a functional pond-you only need to add the fish. At our shop, we have customized our products to fit all our clients. You can choose either a full pond kit or a mini pond kit.

We advise our clients to always seek guidance before making a purchase. Thus, our sales team is ready to serve you in the best way possible. Further, our top-notch pond technicians are at your service to ensure that the pond kit is fully functional and well-installed in case you need assistance.

Grab a Mini Pond Kit for your Backyard

Installing these ponds does not require huge spaces. Your balcony is enough, provided it has good lighting. You can also place it in your office, patio, sitting room, or bedroom if you enjoy the sound of splashing waters at night. Our mini pond-kit comprises a pond, waterfall, and water garden.

You don’t need an expert to do the work. The installation is quite easy and comes with a manual to help you fix it, and you can move it from one location to another.

This mini pond kit is durable, giving you value for money, and requires minimal maintenance. We also stock different shapes to suit your preference.

At New Life Keysborough, we pride ourselves on offering only the best in the industry, thus retaining our customers. We are also the best suppliers of pond kits around Victoria and NSW. Call us today for inquiries and order your mini pond kit for your patio, backyard, or office face-lifting.

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