Hardscape Aquarium

Hardscape Aquariums by New Life Keysborough

If you want your aquarium to stop looking boring and look colorful and beautiful like the ocean, you need to add hardscapes. These refer to the hard decorations that people place in an aquarium to mimic real ocean waters. A good-quality hardscape fish tanks from a company like New Life Keysborough lasts long without discolouring the water or fading away.

Hardscape Options

At New Life Keysborough, we have a range of options to choose from when it comes to hardscape.

Aquascape Rocks

Aquascaping refers to the gardening that you do inside an aquarium or fish tank. In aquascaping, you create an underwater paradise for fish using natural materials such as rocks, boulders, greenery, and branches. Before creating an aquascape, you need to think about how you want the finished product to look and how you plan to achieve it. We have a variety of rocks that will help your aquarium look chic, and we can help you pick the right stones and glue to help

you get your desired outcome. All our rocks and stones are safe for aquariums and fish tanks.

Dragon stones

Increase your fish’s exploration options by adding our unique dragon stones or seiryu rock aquarium to your fish tank to take them to a new level of paradise. If you are more playful, you can add our signature Kazoo Chinese temple that comes with plants and rocks for even more fun that your fish will highly appreciate.

Aquarium soil

Every water body has aqua soil at the bottom. You can get our Tropica aquarium soil or coral sand aquarium for this look. The aquarium-soil is a complete bottom layer that you can use alone without needing another layer. The soil’s grain size is about 2-3 millimeters, making it easy for you to plant and stimulating the growth of your plants. Our aqua soil consists of natural soil, volcanic ash, and humic acid-rich clay. It is very rich in natural trace elements and minerals to provide the nutrients necessary for the growth of healthy plants. We also have coral sand for fish tanks Aquariums.

Driftwood Aquarium

Driftwood is a nature-inspired ornament that mimics natural plants and encourages your aquarium fish to live freely and explore their environment. They also provide excellent hideouts for your fish to help them play underwater and reduce stress levels. Our driftwood is light and durable with non-fading colours. The driftwood is made from polyresin, which is non-toxic and safe for use in aquariums. These ornaments come in various shapes, sizes, and colours and have a weighted base to help you place them sturdily in your

fish tank. We hand-paint all of them in the most realistic colours and add incredible details to make them look as realistic as possible. Some of the colours we have are browns and greys with textured details such as moss, rocks, and vines.

Why Purchase from Us?

At New Life Keysborough, we only sell hardscapes with organic materials that will not contaminate your plants, water, and fish. All our soils are rich in nutrients that will make your plants and fish bloom. Our focus is customer satisfaction, and we guarantee the best services and endless support.

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