UNS Controsoil

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Product Overview

Ultum Nature Systems Controsoil is an aquarium soil from Japan made of high-quality natural soil and volcanic ash. Choosing a proper substrate is vital for any successful planted aquarium. This is not only for aquarium plants to flourish but also to buffer the water to optimum levels for certain fish and shrimp.

Controsoil by UNS will keep the pH of alkaline water below 7 which is ideal for keeping Caridina shrimp and most tropical fish. 

When compared to alternative aquarium soils, it is common to experience algae spikes during the initial month or two of a new set up. This is commonly referred to as “new tank syndrome” and is characterized by brown or green algae on the glass, aquatic plants, and hardscape along with cloudy or smelly water.

This phenomenon is caused by high levels of ammonia (NH3) which many soil manufacturers add to their products. Although the ammonia helps to cycle the tank, too much can cause problems so it is necessary for users to do daily water changes during the first few weeks of use until the planted tank is established. Controsoil is the perfect solution for those who want good plant growth without the headache of excessive ammonia. Many users have reported success with using Controsoil and adding shrimp or fish within 24 hours of a new set up, but we always recommend cycling the tank first and making sure ammonia and nitrites are at 0.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review