AZOO Nitraact 25g

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Product Overview

AZOO NitraAct
For small and medium aquariums
Suitable for crystal shrimp, aquatic plants, freshwater,
saltwater and reef aquariums.

1. Made from concentrate long-lasting dormant bacteria powder
    under dry environment and low temperature, with highest
    ratio of bacteria, can be re-generating after 8 hours within water.
2. Composed of several species of anaerobic multi-functional
    bacteria, 5 billion active bacteria per milliliter.
3. Rapidly decomposes mass pollutants in the gravel and
    filtration tank Eliminates bad smell. Makes gravel recover to
    the best purification.
4. Eliminates toxic hydrogen sulfide.
5. Inhibits the planaria growth effectively.
6. Contains special growth medium. Helps bacteria multiply
    rapidly and absorb the pollutants in the water.

1. Add 3 spoons per 100 liters of water when setting up a new tank.
2. Use on a weekly basis, add 1 spoon per 100 liters of water.
3. It is recommended to shake well after mix the powder with
    small amounts of water in a bottle. Add it evenly to the aquarium,
    filtration tank or filter media to achieve better effects.
4. One full spoon is equal to 0.5 gram.

Euryhaline bacteria, compound bacillus subtilis,
photosynthetic bacteria, denitrifying bacteria and other
active anaerobic bacteria.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review