AZOO Plus Carbon Plus

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Product Overview

Substitute for CO2 for aquatic plants.
Carbon Plus directly provides organic carbon for aquatic plants, it is a replacement for CO2 equipment, it promotes the ferrous state of iron.
Carbon Plus also effectively restricts algae.
1- Provides organic carbon directly for the use of aquatic plants. A substitute source for CO2.
2- It allows the ferric iron to become ferrous iron and be easily absorbed by the aquatic plants in the aquarium.
3- Use it when the aquarium light is on to increase photosynthetic activity in aquatic plants.
4- Efficiently restricts the development of filamentous algae and brush algae in the aquarium
Instructions for use:.
1- For a new aquarium or after making a substantial water change: Add 5ml for every 100 liters of water, 1 drop for every liter of water.
2- For regular use: Add daily or every other day, 5ml for every 200 liters of water, 1 drop for 2 liters of water.
3- Shake the bottle well before dosing the product and apply it near a vigorous stream of water to help it better disperse. Close the bottle tightly after use.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review