The Caridina Shrimp

20th May 2023

The Caridina Shrimp

Diving into the World of Caridina Shrimp: A Novice's Guide

G'day there, budding aquarists! Today, we're going to explore a fascinating, yet somewhat more challenging group of invertebrates for your aquarium - the Caridina shrimp. With stunning colouration and unique behaviours, these little critters can be an absolute joy to keep. But they do require a bit more attention to detail than their Neocaridina cousins.

Crafting a Caridina Shrimp Haven:

Caridina shrimp species, such as the Crystal Red Shrimp and Tiger Shrimp, prefer densely planted tanks that provide numerous hiding spots and grazing opportunities. Java moss, Anubias, and other hardy plants are excellent choices. A 40-litre  tank is usually sufficient for a small colony, but larger is always better.

When it comes to substrate, Caridina shrimp often prefer active substrates, like Tropica Aquasoil or Fluval Shrimp Stratum, which buffer the water to maintain the acidic pH they prefer.

Perfect Water Parameters for Caridina Shrimp:

Caridina shrimp have more specific water parameter needs compared to many other aquarium inhabitants:

  • Temperature: Aim for a range of 20-23 degrees Celsius 
  • pH: Caridina shrimp thrive in acidic conditions, typically around a pH of 6.0 to 6.8.
  • Hardness: They prefer soft water with a general hardness (GH) of 3-6 dGH and a carbonate hardness (KH) of 0-2 dKH.

Always remember to test your water regularly to ensure these parameters are stable.

Feeding Your Caridina Shrimp:

These shrimp are omnivorous scavengers and spend a lot of their time grazing on biofilm and algae in the tank. However, they do require supplemental feeding a few times a week. A high-quality shrimp or fish pellet, as well as blanched vegetables like zucchini or spinach, can provide essential nutrients. Just remember, a little food goes a long way! We feed ours the AZOO Max Breed and AZOO Max Growth.

Choosing Tank Mates for Caridina Shrimp:

Caridina shrimp are peaceful and non-aggressive, but they are also quite small and can become an easy meal for larger or predatory fish. There are very lmited suitable companions as shrimp are at the bottom of the food chain. Most fish see Shrimp as a snack. Peaceful fish such as Otocinculus and Corydoras pygmaeus are suitable. Other shrimp species, and snails can also be good companions.Ideal tank mates are other peaceful invertebrates such as snails. More aggressive or larger species should be avoided.

Caridina Shrimp Breeding:

With the right conditions, Caridina shrimp can breed in the home aquarium. However, it's important to note that the young shrimplets have more specific care requirements than adults, and providing the right diet and maintaining water parameters is crucial for their survival.

To sum up, Caridina shrimp are a captivating addition to your home aquarium, but they do require a bit more care and attention than some other species. However, if you're up for the challenge, they can provide a beautiful and rewarding experience. So why not dive into the wonderful world of Caridina shrimp and see the beauty they can add to your underwater oasis?