Flipper Scraper Float

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$40.00 - $139.00

Product Overview

The Flipper Cleaner uses the strongest rare earth magnets available, allowing it to clean glass and acrylic tanks up to 1″ (24mm) in thickness. 

Standard and Max size Flippers come with corrosion resistant stainless steel blade for glass tank and an ABS plastic blade for acrylic tanks…. and then the nano Flipper comes with a stainless steel blade for glass tanks only.

Blades are easily replaceable, allowing you to keep your Flipper always working like new


Use our signature Flipper Cleaner to easily remove pesky coralline algae and other stubborn deposits on your glass or acrylic tank. Choose from three different Flipper Cleaner sizes that fit the size of your tank. Our 2-in-1 scraper and scrubber is the perfect tool for keeping your aquarium glass or acrylic as clean as the day you bought it.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review