Fluval C series Hang On Filter

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Product Overview

Fluval C SERIES Power Filters
Superior 5-stage filtration for fresh or marine aquariums

Engineered to create superior water quality, Fluval C Power Filters provide extensive 5-stage filtration–two mechanical, one chemical and two biological stages–for outstanding results.

Power Filters are designed to provide maximum surface area and optimum dwell times in all stages of the filtration process.

Rigorous 2-stage mechanical filtration is performed by a thick layer of poly/foam that effectively traps large and fine debris. The foam slides out easily for quick cleaning. Activated carbon, located in an easily-manageable and removable basket, performs thorough chemical filtration and effectively removes toxins.

In the final two stages, a Bio-Screen pad provides massive biological surface area for friendly bacteria to colonize, plus it blocks debris from entering a trickle chamber filled with C-Nodes that are super-charged for fast and efficient nitrification.

The result is clean, clear and healthy water for aquarium life to thrive in.

C2 Hang On Filter: For aquariums 35 - 115 litres. Maximum flow rate 450L/H.

C3 Hang On Filter: For aquariums 75 - 190 litres. Maximum flow rate 580L/H.

C4 Hang On Filter: For aquariums 150 - 265 litres. Maximum flow rate 1000L/H.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review