Fluval Premium Betta Kit

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Fluval Betta Premium Aquarium Kit 10 Litre

The New Fluval Betta kit is specifically designed to replicate the tropical habitats of this popular fish species, and comes equipped with multistage diffused filtration, soft LED lighting and a convenient pre-set heater - all tailor-made for Betta splendens.

Appropriately sized at 2.6 US Gal (10 L), the Fluval Betta Aquarium Kit is large enough to permit ample swimming space and allow the hobbyist to easily maintain optimal water conditions, yet small enough to keep control of water movement, filtration and heating.

  • Custom Betta filtration with up to 6 stages of filtration of maximum water quality and clarity. Oversized mechanical foam block (Stage 1-3) features 2 openings for chemical or biological media inserts. Diffusion Chamber (Stage 4-6) offers 2 spaces for filter media: poly/foam pad + resin-infused pad

  • The aquarium features an expanded array of intake slots to reduce the intensity of the flow and prevent the fish from getting stuck to the intake. The unique Diffusion Chamber significantly reduces water movement via the widening of the output and multiple layers of sponges. The result is efficient water movement and turnover in the aquarium, in a gentle, diffused manner in which the fish can thrive

  • The Fluval Betta Aquarium kit is equipped with a fully integrated pre-set submersible heater that fits seamlessly into rear chamber compartment and provides most optimal dispersal of heated water. Consistently maintains ideal tropical habitat water temperature (78 F / 26 C) Pre-set - no hassle, no fuss, maintains correct water temperature without any thought

  • The Fluval Betta Aquarium Kit features Natural Soft-Glow LED Lighting. The LED light offers a relaxed atmosphere and mimics a Betta's naturally shaded wild habitat. Calibrated to accentuate vibrant Betta colors and is compatible with most mechanical and digital timers

  • Includes: 2.65 US Gal (10 L) all glass aquarium/Aquarium cover/Soft Glow LED light/Fluval P10 pre-set heater/Integrated filter compartment/Foam block /Carbon insert/BioMax insert/Poly/foam pad/Circulation pump/Diffusion chamber/Power supply


(No reviews yet) Write a Review