Pond One ClariTec 5000UV Pressurised Filter with 9w UVC

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Product Overview


ClariTec 5000 Pressurised Filter With 9w UVC

Features & Benefits:

  • Solid construction
  • Deep cleaning power
  • Greater filter volume
  • Available with and without UV-C
  • Includes filter media
  • Supplied with all hose connectors
  • Remote UV-C ballast unit
  • 2 + 1 Year Guarantee


Spare Parts:

  • 25208S - Sponge - 25ppi Yellow ClariTec 3000/5000/10000/15000/UV 208s
  • 25209S - Sponge - 20ppi Green ClariTec 5000/10000/15000/UV 209s
  • 25210S - Sponge - 20ppi Green ClariTec 3000/5000/10000/15000/UV 210s
  • 25211S - Sponge - 15ppi Black ClariTec 5000/10000/15000/UV 211s
  • 25212S - Sponge - 15ppi Black ClariTec 3000/5000/10000/15000/UV 212s


Recommended Pond Sizes for ClariTec Filters:

  • Ornamental pond with plants and few fish and less than average exposure to sun - no more than 6 hours a day full sunlight exposure :  5000L
  • Typical pond with plants and average fish contents and average sun exposure : 2500L
  • Heavily stocked pond with plants and larger fish or greater than average sun exposure : 1200L


Additional Info:

  • Item Code: 93046
  • Description: ClariTec 5000 Pressurised Filter
  • Max Flow Rate: 5000L/Hr
  • Fitting in/out: 3/4" 1.5", 19-37mm
  • UVC Power: 9W
  • Capacity: 21.5L
  • Filter Height: 46cm
  • Filter Diameter: 39cm
  • UVC Cable Length: 10m
  • Suggested Pump Size*: StingRay 15000

*Suggested StingRay Pumps are a minimum size. When choosing the appropriate pump size the following needs to be taken into consideration: hose length to filter, hose height to filter, hose diameter used, bends and angles in the hose to filter. All of these factors affect the end flow rate of the pump. As a guide, use the following calculations and match them to the head height values to cross reference end flow of the pump in l/ph.


Head height refers to the height the pump must push water vertically to the filter however, other factors listed below also add to the ultimate head height values.

  • For every 1m of pipe is equivalent to 10cm of head height.
  • For every 1 size hose diameter reduced from the maximum outlet diameter of the pump is equivalent to 1m of head height.
  • For every 90 degree bend in the hose is equivalent to 1m head height.
  • For every 45 degree bend in the house is equivalent to 50cm of head height.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review