Red Sea MAX 130/130D Circulation Pump 1550 Upgrade Kit

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Product Overview

Red Sea Max 130D Replacement Circulation Pump
This is the NEWLY REDESIGNED pump from Red Sea. They redesigned this pump to replace both of the older style SP-980 Circulation pumps. You now only need one pump to replace both the older ones hence the price increase.
This pump recirculates the display tank water 980 gallons per hour, and is what allows the innovative, completely hidden filtration system to work. To avoid causing this pump to burn out, be sure to keep your system water topped up regularly.
The complete upgrade kit includes:

  • 1350 high efficiency pump
  • Eye ball multidirectional water outlet
  • Hose barbs and tubing
  • Plug (for unused hole in the glass wall)
  • -Installation and operation instructions

In addition to the increased performance, the positioning of the pump below the optimum water level makes the system less sensitive to evaporation, which can cause the injection of air bubbles or even over-heating of the pump.

  • Higher water flow
  • Lower power consumption
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced injection of air bubbles
  • Eliminate risk of overheating


(No reviews yet) Write a Review