Red Sea Reefer DC Skimmer (W/O Controller)

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$760.00 - $920.00

Product Overview

Smart, High-Performance, Self-Leveling Protein Skimmers

The REEFER DC Skimmers include self-leveling technology that prevents over-skimming and full cups from spilling while continuing to aerate the water.

Our high-performance REEF-SPEC DC Skimmers feature a combination of PSK DC pumps with proportionally sized venturi, bubble diffuser and reaction body that optimizes air-water contact time for steady waste removal.

Designed with hobbyists needs in mind, the REEFER Skimmer is whisper quiet thanks to rubber connectors which dampen the vibrations as well as a robust air silencer. With features like the FoamView window, built-in neck cleaner and extra-long valved waste tube, we guarantee an enhanced home reef filtration experience.

Red Sea Reefer DC Skimmer General Features

  • Ergonomic diffusion chamber evenly disperses the fine bubbles created by the Sicce PSK pump across the skimmer cone, without reducing air or water flow.
  • Quiet operation, with vibration absorbing components and a large air intake silencer.
  • 3 assembly options for flexible positioning of the pump inlet and regulation valve, according to your sump.
  • FoamView window in the collection cup to easily monitor and adjust the foam height.
  • Built-in manual neck cleaner.
  • Cup Overflow Sensor
  • Self Leveling Sensor
  • Precision geared valve for positive flow regulation.
  • Quick release pump holder for ease of maintenance.
  • Drainage port with 1m valved hose.

How the Self-Leveling Feature Works in the DC Skimmers

The Self-Leveling feature is activated when the wetness of the foam in the neck exceeds the user-adjusted "over-skim"" threshold. The intensity of the pump is immediately reduced to prevent the over-skim, and then carefully and gradually increased or decreased (according to the foam's wetness), until the preset pump intensity is reached and stable skimming is restored.

  Height Pump Air Flow Water Flow Recommended Water Height Power Consumption
RSK 300 DC 53 cm  PSK DC-1200  500 L/ h 1000 L/ h 16 - 20 cm  20 W 
RSK 600 DC 56 cm PSK DC-1200  750 L/ h 1500 L/ h 18 - 20 cm  25 W
RSK 900 DC 59 cm PSK DC-1200  900 L/ h 2000 L/ h 20 - 24 cm 30 W



(No reviews yet) Write a Review