Red Sea ReefMat Sump Modification Kit

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Product Overview

Specialty tools to make your sump ReefMat-ready in minutes

  • Specially manufactured tools for use with Red Sea REEFER sumps
  • Suitable for use in saltwater
  • Extremely thin and flexible blades to get into tight joints
  • Scraper included to remove excess silicone for clean finish
  • Modify your sump in just 15 minutes -- no draining or moving required


Although the new Gen5 Red Sea REEFERS come with ReefMat-ready sumps, older generations may require some modification to get your new ReefMat 500 or 1200 Fleece Roller to fit.

Removing the glass and plastic components from the Red Sea Reefer sump to accomodate your ReefMat Filter Roller will require cutting through a layer of silicone that is less than 0.2mm thick. A regular utility knife is too thick to handle this job, which is why Red Sea has provided a set of specially manufactured blades that are both thin and flexible enough to get the job done correctly.

The modification process will take an estimated 15 minutes and can be done without draining the sump or removing it from the cabinet. 


What's Included?

1x Utility blade handle with snap-off blades

2x 0.1mm Blades

2x 0.15mm Blades

1x Blade storage case

1x Small glass scraper


(No reviews yet) Write a Review