Z-Aquatics ELXR Iron+Trace

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Product Overview

Iron (Fe) plays a critical role in the synthesis of chlorophyll, which is needed for plants to gain energy from light. Iron, of all the trace elements/micronutrients, is required at the greatest concentration. Other trace elements also fulfill essential functions in the physiology of plants to enhance health and development. Micronutrients are exhausted rapidly in the aquarium through plant utilisation and natural chemical processes, therefore supplementation is highly recommended.

ELXR Iron®+Trace has elevated micronutrient supplementation to the next level. It incorporates nine types of chelates (six for iron) into one product through a highly advanced formulation. ELXR® Iron+Trace supplies a consistent concentration of micronutrients in the aquarium and offers the advantage of allowing longer periods between dosing.

Fertilising multiple times a week is a thing of the past with the Sustained-Release Technology. ELXR® is an easy, once a week application that provides the necessary nutrition for your plants to grow and thrive.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review