Aquasonic Vertonex

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Product Overview

  • To assist in the treatment of parasitic diseases (cryptocaryon irritans) when corals and invertebrates are present in marine aquaria.
  • Vertonex can be used safely with invertebrates and corals present in the aquarium.
  • Note that corals and anemones may withdraw during treatment. Some Centropyge angels are sensitive to treatment also, with Bivalves (e.g. clams & mussels) should be removed during treatment. To maximise results, halve the daily dose rate, adding it to the tank twice (morning and night).
  • Dose Rate: Use 3mL per 70 Litres of aquarium water daily for 4 days. A major water change is recommended approximately 14 days after the treatment was initiated.
  • Made in Australia
  • Active ingredients: Each mL of solution contains 10mg of quinine hydrochloride and 1.27mg of malachite green.





(No reviews yet) Write a Review